About our company

Family Babywearing Photo"I just can't wait to hold her," was what my husband said before our first daughter was born.  Once she was here, she was a "velcro baby."  She never wanted to be away from the closeness of mommy and daddy.  It was challenging to keep her content and do pretty much anything.  I began to do some research and learned about babywearing.  Once I began gaining knowledge, I couldn't stop.  I found it all so interesting and wanted to learn more and more.  I was simply amazed at the countless benefit of babywearing.

I started Heavenly Hold in 2008 with the hope of sharing babywearing with moms and dads all over.  I was excited to share my passion then and and still am today.  Each time a mom or dad find babywearing love, I get a sense of satisfaction all over again.  I LOVE to help people babywear.

Heavenly Hold supports a child  through Compassion International.  A portion of each purchase goes directly towards supporting our little girl, Daniela, in the Dominican Republic.  We also contribute to their Child Survival Program. 

On a more personal note, hubby and I have three daughters and a son.  Heavenly Hold truly is a family owned and operated business.  Our family loves to travel, play and watch sports, ride bikes and swim!  We serve Jesus Christ as our Lord and try to share His love each day.  We'd love to share Him with you, too!

Thank you so much for your support of this "Mom and Pop" Shop!  We very much appreciate it!