Action Baby Carrier

This is the designer carrier you've been waiting for!  The Action Baby Carrier is the newest soft structured carrier on the market!  Wear your baby in a front carry or back carry with the ABC and you'll both enjoy the babywearing experience.  Your baby will be in a naturally seated position, easy on his hips and spine.   You will enjoy the strong and supportive hip belt webbing which will share the weight distribution with the equally supportive, lightly padded shoulder straps. 

The Action Baby Carrier is made in the USA with superior construction.  The 3/4 inch shoulder webbing is sewn throughout the body of the carrier, making an "X" and then are triple sewn into the hip belt and then folded into the bottom of the hip belt for extra support.  The carrier weight limit is 40 lbs....so wear your newborn to toddler!

The body of the Action Baby Carrier is not padded to allow breathability.  It is a great summertime carrier!  The Action Baby Carrier has a center buckle/dual adjuster hip strap.  This allows the carrier to go from 28" all the way to 51" without a waist extender.  If you're a small babywearer, this means that you won't have extra long straps hanging down, either.

If you're a babywearing mom who enjoys using a carrier's sleeping hood, you'll be celebrating about the Action Baby Carrier's new hood tie system.  If you have a sleepy baby, he'll be supported and covered while he comfortably slumbers in the ABC!

  • Waistband height 4"
  • Body, including waistband 18"
  • Body width 13.5"
  • Length of waist padding 27.5"
  • Shortest possible length of shoulder straps 17" (not including buckle)
  • Width of shoulder straps 3"
These measurements can vary because the Action Baby Carrier is handmade.

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