Scootababy Hip Carrier

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The Scootababy Hip Carrier is a high quality, well built baby carrier.  Carrying your baby on your hip is the most natural position.
  With the Scootababy Carrier, you can wear your child on your hip comfortably and hands free!  Scootababy is designed for babies from 5 months and up to 40 lbs.  This is one baby carrier that you will get years of use from which makes it a great value.

Scootababy has a comfortably and supportive, padded waist belt and a lightly padded seat shaped to fit your baby.  The padded waist does an excellent job of distributing the baby\'s weight from the shoulder to your hips or waist.  The shoulder strap is wide in back and has a stretchy fleece, cupped shoulder which is supportive, easily adjusted and cozy fitting.  Scootababy Hip Carrier will fit a wide range of sizes, so there is no need to have multiple carriers.

Scootababy is made from high quality materials and has reinforced stitching for safe babywearing.  The buckles are large and custom and are made to be adjusted with just one hand.  Scootababy is made in the USA.


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