Have you found a carrier you LOVE and want to own?  Need to make payments for it to be yours?  Heavenly Hold is pleased to offer you a flexible, layaway program to help you afford your carrier. At this time, we do only offer layaway on baby carriers.

All that is required is a down payment that fits your budget.  It can be as low as $20.  There are no extra fees associated with layaway, but $20 of your payment is non refundable should you decide to cancel. Sale prices do not apply.  Layaways are non transferrable.  There isn't a time limit with layaway, but if I don't hear from you after 2 months, I will treat your layaway as abandoned and refund all but the non refundable down payment.

Please fill out the form with the required information and we'll send you out an invoice for your down payment.


Type the characters you see in the picture above.