Babyhawk Mei Tai

Babyhawk is a well known name is the babywearing world.  Babyhawk Mei Tai baby carriers are comfortable, stylish and at the heart of it all...functional!  Babyhawk Mei Tais can be used to babywear on the front, back or hip.  Wear your newborn through toddler with a Babyhawk safely and securely!

A Mei Tai is an Asian style baby carrier that has four straps to tie.  A Mei Tai baby carrier is a great carrier to choose to be able to share with another caregiver because it is not sized.  It will fit women sizes 0-22 and men up to size XXL.

Product Features:
  • Weight limit 40 lbs.
  • Base width of carrier is 16.5 inches
  • Height of carrier is 21.5 inches
  • Strap width is 3.75 inches and are lightly padded
  • Nurse discreetly in a Babyhawk
Toddlerhawk Lagoon Burst Mei Tai

$99.00   $79.20