Trial Program

Finding the perfect baby carrier is not easy.  The best way to find what you love is to try it with your baby.  I can tell you what I love all day, but until you try it out with your baby, you won't know for sure.

Heavenly Hold offers the Trial Program so that you can try out 1-4 carriers before you decide what to buy.  Each carrier trial is $10 and shipping for orders under $50 is a flat $6.

Please include your phone number with trial orders as a follow up phone call from Heavenly Hold to confirm all your information is required.  Carriers are shipped to you after this confirmation.  You can keep carriers for up to 2 weeks before you must send them back.  You can purchase one of the carriers that are sent to you at a 10% discount (if it is a demo--not new, carrier).  When you decide to purchase a carrier (or two), you will receive $10/carrier back towards your purchase. 

For each carrier rented, your credit card will be authorized for $50.  Ex. :  Try 1 carrier, card authorized for $50.  Try 2 carriers, card authorized for $100, etc.  If your card does not authorize for the required amount, your carriers will not ship until you provide a card that does. 

Return shipping is buyer's responsibility and once carriers are back in the mail to Heavenly Hold, tracking numbers must also be emailed.

For trials returned late, there is a $10 late fee/carrier for each week they are late.