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Customize and protect your investment with a fun accessory!  Tula is excited to introduce the Tula Droola, a sucking/teething/drool pad add-on designed to fit perfectly onto the Tula Ergonomic Carrier, Tula Toddler Carrier, or many other baby carriers on the market.  These versatile and popular accessories are designed to cover your straps and offer baby an alternative to suck and chew on when being worn in the Tula carrier.  Tula Droolas are made with cute, coordinating prints and will liven up your Tula by adding a fresh, personal touch, while also reducing the number of wash cycles needed and extending the life of your carrier.


Each pair of strap covers is made with specifications to fit the Tula straps perfectly, and comes in a fresh, modern print designed to perfectly match your special Tula ergonomic carrier. Tula Droolas are machine washable, durable, attractive, and will add a custom touch to your favorite carrier.

- 100% cotton fabrics
- Velcro closure
- Machine washable for your convenience!

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