Moby Wrap

Moby Baby Carriers are a simple, yet very comfortable way to wear your baby.  The Moby Wrap is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.  Each wrap comes with an instruction booklet.

Wear your baby in the Moby and feel secure, with your hands free!  Because the wrap baby carrier goes over both your shoudlers, the weight of your baby will be well distributed on both shoulders, as well as across your back and not putting pressure on just one side of your body. 

The Moby Wrap feels as soft as your favorite cotton T-shirt, which makes it especially snuggly for newborn babies.  The edges of the 5.5 meter wrap are tapered so they can be easily tied.  Moby Wrap is one size fits all and can be worn with a newborn baby (or preemie!) all the way up to a 35 lb. toddler.

Moby Wrap Cornflower

$49.95   $35.00

Moby Wrap Wings

$55.95   $35.00